Dr. Robert Rosenblatt, PHD

Hello, I’m Dr. Robert Rosenblatt, PHD

I have been providing individual, couples, and group psychotherapy for over 30 years.

Robert G. Rosenblatt, PhD

I have been a psychotherapist in private practice in Washington, DC since 1980. I have been offering individual, group, and couples psychotherapy to predominantly an adult population.

I started my training providing counseling services offering services at the University of Southern California Student Health and Counseling Services in 1974. And I have been working on my craft for over 40 years.

About 25 years ago, after completing my own stint as a mentee in a practice development and clinical supervision group, I began to offer similar groups to clinicians from all disciplines. I was aiming to facilitate others who were attempting to start or build their private practices with the aim of ensuring their success. I also started, in 1998, a similarly focused experiential process group in Atlanta, GA that still meets for 6 hours a day on a bimonthly basis.

“ Successful psychotherapy must focus on helping develop more fulfilling and substantial interpersonal connections. Facilitating a client’s capacity to lead a richer and more emotionally balanced life is the objective.”

I have treasured sitting in the room with other therapists and many kinds of persons my entire professional life. Being a psychotherapist has always felt like it fits what I have always wanted to do. My time in my consultation room with those sitting across from me feels fulfilling and rewarding. I want to enable other mental health practitioners to enjoy their vocation as much.

In my free time I love being with my wife and family (especially my grandchildren), writing, cooking, hanging out with friends, and being outdoors, mostly playing golf.

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