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Effective psychotherapy focuses on facilitating each person’s capacity to develop more enriched and substantial interpersonal connections.
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Psychotherapy is a journey that winds through past and present relationships with the intention of finding happiness and authenticity.

Finding the right guide for this voyage is a major key ensuring success in this endeavor.

Enabling a client’s ability to lead a richer and more emotionally balanced life is the goal.

The relationship between the psychotherapist and the client is the road traveled.

Here are some of the basic ingredients of quality psychotherapy:

Respect Comes First

The therapist must treat its clients with the utmost respect at all times.

Honest & Clear Feedback

The therapist must offer honest and clear feedback on how it feels to be in the room with the client.

Maintain Confidentiality

For progress to be made, it's important to establish a safe place to talk about anything, without fear of that information leaving the room.

Provide Hope For Improvement

Provide the hope that a more fulfilling life is possible and achievable.

My Psychotherapy Services

I've been providing individual, couples, and group psychotherapy for over 30 years.

Individual Therapy

Individual Psychotherapy

People show up at a psychotherapist’s office because they have encountered problems in their relationships. That could be in the past, present, or a fear of future connections.

Effective psychotherapy focuses on facilitating each person’s capacity to develop more fulfilling and substantial interpersonal connections.

This enables the client to understand the choices they have made, with the associated positive and negative consequences. Each client must find the awareness that they possess the freedom to make new, more effectual and satisfying life decisions.

couples psychotherapy

Couples Therapy

Most couples run into difficulties for all the usual reasons: money, sex, family, religion, kids, division of labor, dominance and submission, dependence and independence, freedom and fidelity, among others.

The act of actively listening is not practiced frequently enough. Listening to the other is a fundamental step to re-opening the lines of communication. Oftentimes, a partner just needs to be heard.

The importance of expressing appreciation and resentment for actions in the correctly titrated amount is another critical part of the process for meaningful couples therapy.

Group Therapy

During my group psychotherapy, members of the group get to speak to what is happening in their lives as well as get to learn from others as they share their life experiences.

My experientially based group psychotherapy offers participants two therapists and up to a total of 8 group members.

The group meets once a week for 75 minutes. On many occasions, group therapy is an adjunct to one’s individual work. The initial commitment to the group is an 8-week time frame.

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